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Summer, and its fine wine time!

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As you may be aware, this is a juice blog. But wine is a juice…of sorts! I have to admit that when I am chilling out and relaxing I do enjoy the odd glass of the red stuff. I have tasted so many but currently top of my list of wines to taste is Evohe Garnacha.

Not only is wine good for the soul, it also contains antioxidant properties too, so you can be sure to know that your guilty pleasure is in fact also doing your body some good…just don’t overdo it. Downing, and drowing yourself in it will not do anything for the flavour, enjoyment factor or your mood the next day! Enjoy quality…not quantity!

Here is a handy note I have borrowed from

Two glasses of red wine a day provides a great source of antioxidant. More than this will have the opposite effect and leave you less, not more, able to fight off infections. Red wine contains bioflavenoids, which help towards reducing blood clots and therefore strokes. You need to drink three times the amount of blackcurrant juice to get the same effect as red wine – seven glasses of orange juice and 12 glasses of white wine.

So without further a-do, I shall leave you with my favourite wine to read about and admire!

Enjoy juicykins! x


Garnacha (Grenache) has been the dominant grape variety in the Aragón region for centuries. Strong cooling winds, such as the Cierzo and the Bochorno, originate in the Ebro valley and are essential for the slow, harmonious maturation of the grapes. These winds are formed by pressure differences between the Bay of Vizcaya and the Mediterranean Sea, forming a constant anticyclone that brings great storms during the winter months. The climate and soils, together with old, quality vines, gives Evohé balance, character and harmony. The strong Spanish sun ripens the fruit, giving the wine a full body and rich taste. Its body evokes red fruits with hints of raspberry and aromas of violets, lavender, rosemary and thyme. No barrel aging was needed. This wine brings nothing but pure pleasure without stretching your wallet.

Evohé wines go perfectly with the tapas concept of talking, drinking and eating. The diversity of ingredients runs parallel to the ever-changing topics of conversation, with the wine serving as an undercurrent that brings everything together. Recommended serving temperature is around 16-18ºC (61-65ºF).

Our Evohé Old Vine Tempranillo has a retro twist expressing the pure ripe fruit of the vines which have been grown in this region for centuries. Instead of the traditional heavily-oaked and long-aged wines, we have chosen to produce this Tempranillo in the style of our Evohé Old Vine Garnacha. Thus we have a youthful wine with no oak aging which shows the natural flavors of the Tempranillo grape.Evohé Old Vine Tempranillo has a dark, ruby-red, cherry color, with violet tones that denote its youth and potential. On the nose, it is delicate, with marked aromas of red fruits and raspberry. The pallet exhibits a full and fruity wine which expresses the noble Tempranillo grape in a fresh style. Black Currant, Plums, and Ripe Cherries are present and even hints of Chocolate can be found together with balanced, ripe tannins. Recommended serving temperature is around 16-18ºC (61-65ºF).
Mazuela, also known as Mazuelo, Cariñena or Carignan is one of the classic grape varietals of Aragón. Mazuela has suffered from a bit of an image problem. Despite the intrinsic merits of this grape, greedy, careless producers commonly over-cropped it, producing high yields of rather diluted wines. But when grown in the right place, such as its homeland in Valdejalon – Aragon with restricted yields, Mazuela can excel, producing structured wines with savory, mineral flavors that faithfully reflects its terroir.
Our Evohé Mazuela Viñas Viejas is simply the expansion of our philosophy in Sustainable Agriculture with minimal intervention in the production of wines. This has packed this wine with all its characteristic deep-fruit aromas, such as blackberries, dark cherries, blended with tones of violets and liquorice. A natural flavor reference to this
varietal. Recommended serving temperature is around 16-18ºC (61-65ºF).
GARNACHA BLANCA (White Grenache)
This is simply the white mutation of the Garancha Tinta (Black Grenache), a grape that has its origin in the Aragón region and from here has spread to the rest of the world.
Garnacha Blanca, just as its big brother Garnacha Tinta, is dependent on very harsh weather conditions to provide a good concentration, making the Bajo Aragon an ideal area for cultivation of this grape. Dry, hot summers are fed with strong cooling winds essential for the slow, harmonious maturation of the grapes. The spectrum of aromas for this varietal is Floral, Citrus and Herbs. A profile that marries very well with light fish dishes, but also vegetarian foods, though not to eliminate it as an excellent aperitif wine. Recommended serving temperature is around 10-12ºC (50-55ºF).

The Evohé Cuvée “X” CAVA

Xarel•lo 40%, Perellada 40%, Chardonnay 10%, Chenin Blanc 10%

A fully manually produced CAVA. Second fermentation is during 16-18 months in cool cellaring. Decorching is made manually without freezing the lees. This enhances the Bubbles = CO2 to better remain in the wine and not escape due to the stress.

Base wine is a true N/V. The Chardonnay is always of a year elder viantage. This gives the aroma profile that characters the wine. Chenin Blanc, an Experimental Varietal and not official to CR CAVA does what the Pinot Munier does for a Champagne. Fruity, mild and young flowerish aromas.

Structure is traditional by the classic Varietals of CAVA = Xarel•lo and Perrelada for back bone acidity and tannins.

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